There is a respectable level of accountability that one receives when working with Jim on leadership development. You cannot expect more unless you are willing to invest in yourself and take the process seriously. He gave me the tools, resources, and confidence to change the leadership paradigm in my office. This change has led directly to better employee retention, a culture of personal development, and a team that comes to work fired up to attack our shared goals. 

general manager, 

Kansas City, ks

As we looked to see how we could grow, we realized two things: there was some dysfunction in our organization that needed to be addressed and we needed to grow our leadership team as our core members were running at full capacity.  Jim has been instrumental in guiding us in our journey. One of the things I like most is that he provided input based on his years of experiences, but understands that we must own OUR process versus him just preaching various ways for us to manage. Working with Rounded Development is well worth the time, energy and financial investment. I wish we would have done this many years ago!


dallas, tx

The impact of working with Jim Round is life changing and permanent.  He gave me the tools, resources, and network to help me create a leadership plan, process, and timeline to help take my career to the next level.  The competency and 360 feedback assessments gave me a great framework to understand my strengths but also the areas that I needed to develop through a personal development plan.  Jim's mentorship through this process has not only helped me personally but has allowed me to better understand how to develop my team.  

mid-level manager,

dallas, tx

Jim has not only helped develop me and my team in a number of important areas (presentation training, financial acumen, succession planning) but was also a big part of helping us build trust and confidence in each other to be a stronger and healthier team with an incredible work environment and culture.

Vice President, Chicago, il

Jim has taught me to not only focus on the constant development of me and my people, but also the importance of giving back and getting involved in the community. What Mo and Jim have done through the MJ charity organization, in raising 7 million dollars, has inspired our team to get involved in our local communities and give back. 

President/ceo, dallas, tx

Jim is the most inspiring leader I have ever met. His track record of developing people, leadership in business, and philanthropic works speaks for itself. His impact also extends well beyond the office walls into the lives of everyone he meets. He's inspired thousands of people to live with passion and be the best version of themselves, myself included.


houston, tx

Jim has a real talent for using positive leadership to enforce ideals that create an environment for fostering personal development and leadership.  I would not be in the position today to lead a great team if not for Jim’s influence.  Positive leaders look for strengths instead of focusing on deficits, and our team was able to utilize his principles to really focus on what we did well while correcting performance gaps.  Jim has such a positive passion and energy around personal development and creating leaders and I am fortunate to be able to have spent time with him getting his perspective. 

general manager,

Denver, co

Working for and with Jim Round has been an incredible experience of growth, personal development, and achievement.  Jim is very passionate about people and culture and has a proven reputation for creating winning teams and developing leaders.  He has a natural ability to assess an organization, team, or individual through a thoughtful and intentional process and together, creating a path to success.  He is an asset to any group or individual seeking assistance in achieving their goals and committed to doing the work.  If you have the opportunity to work with Jim, don’t pass it up.  Your future will thank-you. 

small business owner,

houston, tx